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Expert opinion

Mako robot-assisted total hip replacement

Modern hip replacement surgery was pioneered by Sir John Charnley in the UK in the early 1960s. The procedure and implant used were developed and refined over the next 30…

Sarah reaches Everest Base Camp after hip surgery

Total hip replacement surgery is one of the most successful, cost-effective and safest operations in the world today. However, despite its overall success rate, hip replacement surgery is a major…

One of the most successful operations of the 20th century

With around 80,000 carried out each year, hip replacements are one of the most common elective surgical procedures in Britain. We speak to 41-year-old Rhys Gwilliam who managed 16 years…

Specialist Hip Unit

Matthew Burwell, the surgeon in charge of Circle Bath’s Hip Unit, has just finished his fifth hip replacement of the week. He explains that he and his fellow hip surgeons…

A patient’s perspective

Hip problems can arise at any time in life. Choosing to have surgery can be a life changing experience, however understanding the procedure and rehabilitation helps for a speedier recovery.

Patient Feedback

What patients say

Feedback is really important to us and helps new patients understand what to expect from hip surgery. Please read through some of the stories below to understand the impact surgery has had on the lives of patients.






“Matthew was recommended to me by someone who was working with the leadership team at Circle Bath, because of his skill as a surgeon and also because the hospital was so good. From the moment I met Matthew I knew I was going to be fine.

My hip had deteriorated and there was no apparent reason. The thorough consultation, the operation itself and the initial stay in the hospital could not have gone more smoothly.

He was reassuring, always accessible both in the run up to the operation and afterwards, and the care I received at Circle Bath was of the highest standard – from the anaesthetist to the wonderful nurses. The physio was brilliant as well.

I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend Matthew or Circle Bath to anyone who needs a hip replacement.”

Patient : Dame Carolyn McCall CEO ITV







“If surgeons could be awarded Michelin stars for surgery, Matthew should be given three!

He is so experienced, so kind, so thorough, and so utterly competent—I felt at ease from the moment I met him.

He treated me with respect at all times, and made sure I understand everything that would happen. Now, three months later, not only am I totally free from pain, but I also have great… continue reading >

Patient : Linda Blair: Clinical Psychologist. Broadcaster and Daily Telegraph columnist

“By 2004 my left hip was causing me lots of problems. I saw a video of me coaching and realised that there was an issue. An exaggerated limp was an understatement!

Matthew took one look at me and arranged for my hip replacement to be performed at the Bath Clinic. There was a slight irritating pain post op but the grinding hip pain had disappeared overnight.

Within 3/4 days I was home, tentatively mobile and largely pain free. Life was good again. Full recovery was speedy.

Patient : Brian Ashton MBE English rugby union coach and former player

“In 2012, aged 50 years, I found myself needing a hip replacement. I had always led an active life, running, cycling, skiing, horse riding, swimming etc, and over a fairly short space of time, I began to be unable to do any of this due to severe pain in my left hip. Some days I could barely walk.

I was referred to Circle Bath by my GP and met with Mr Burwell. After confirming that I would need a hip replacement, I was quickly given a date for the operation. The facilities at Circle Bath are amazing, and the staff were all incredibly caring… continue reading >

Patient : Sarah Benfield

“In 2017, Matthew replaced my right hip. Along with his team he did a wonderful job, followed by excellent post-operative support.

It was so important for me to gain optimum mobility as I am a sports enthusiast and I also teach yoga.

After 12 weeks of doing the appropriate strengthening exercises… continue reading >

Patient : Elaine Harris: Extreme Yoga coach

“I had always been sporty – from junior rep teams in football, badminton and tennis, to a brief foray in first class rugby, then triathlon, skiing and mountain climbing.

So when I first felt hip pain in my late 30s, any thought of chronic change brought denial. I saw physios for piriformis syndrome and redoubled my stretching and gym… continue reading >

Patient : Graeme

“On reaching the top and seeing the snow-capped mountains of the Alps stretching out in front of me, the realisation of what I’d achieved post-operation started to dawn on me and the sense of achievement was profound. It was such a positive feeling that I decided to climb the mountain a second time, a week later, on my 42nd birthday!

I would never have been able to undertake these challenges before my surgery. Not only that; the fact that I am able to undertake my job without being in pain, play sport with my family, involve myself in the impromptu activities that happen on the beach or on holiday, without a care, has transformed my life.

In a nutshell, the advice, care and support from Matthew  and team have been second to none.” To read Rhy’s full story click here.

Patient : Rhys Gwilliam

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Meet the team

Matthew is one of only a few orthopaedic surgeons in the UK specialising exclusively in treating hip conditions. Replacements are a large part of his practice. Many patients are referred to him from other orthopaedic specialists.

Matthew Burwell
Consultant Orthopaedic Surgeon

Dave Hepburn
Specialist Senior Physiotherapist

Dr Graham Robinson
Consultant Radiologist

Hannah Nestor
Specialist Theatre Nurse

Laura Davies
Medical Secretary