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Expert opinion

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A patient’s perspective

Hip problems can arise at any time in life. Choosing to have surgery can be a life changing experience, however understanding the procedure and rehabilitation helps for a speedier recovery.


Re-gaining Quality of Life

After your hip operation your rehabilitation is integral to your recovery. Your personalised recovery programme will be explained to you by a specialist physiotherapist.

You will go through an enhanced recovery programme which provides education on what to expect, providing fundamental knowledge to help your recovery.

Joint school is offered to you before and after hip surgery. The joint school sessions provide hands on support and care throughout your treatment and are hugely valued by our patients.


You may wish to stay at a Circle rehabilitation centre for a few days after your hip operation. Circle Rehabilitation centres offer a new standard in rehabilitation in Britain using the latest high-tech equipment to accelerate your recovery in comfortable surroundings.

If you wish to spend time in rehabilitation you can be assessed prior to admission:

  • by telephone or video conference (Skype, Apple Facetime and WebEx);
  • in person in our assessment centres in central London, Reading, Bedford, or Nottingham;
  • or as an inpatient at a Circle rehabilitation centre.

The concierge service can arrange a car to transport you in comfort to the inpatient rehabilitation centre in Berkshire – within easy access of Bath. The centre offers a five-star style experience and menus overseen by a Michelin-trained chef and is very affordable.

The facilities provide some of the very latest equipment and technologies, which will be used to help accelerate your recovery. The inpatient facility in Berkshire is part of a sizeable private hospital, with 120 consultants and a wide range of equipment available, including MRI and CT scanners, which provide an on-site backup for patients who might experience other health issues during their rehabilitation. Below is just a small snapshot of some of the latest equipment used to aid your recovery:

  • Anti-gravity treadmill – driven by technology from Nasa, this helps to shorten recovery time, improve mobility and reduce injury
  • Gait analysis – analyse biomechanics and helps to identify why pain is occurring
  • Spinal strengthening technology – to help strengthen core muscles
  • Continual Passive Motion device – helps you to regain your range of knee movement
  • Premium gym and exercise equipment – ensuring you have quality equipment at your disposal.

Other equipment includes LiteGait, Megapulse electrotherapy, aquatic treadmill, red laser treatment to accelerate wound healing, continual passive motion, Biodex Balance SD, GameReady (ice and compression), premium gymnasium and exercise equipment, physiology and fitness testing, body composition analysis, Moveo platforms (neurological) and Bioness electrical stimulation.

Meet the team

Matthew is one of only a few orthopaedic surgeons in the UK specialising exclusively in treating hip conditions. Replacements are a large part of his practice. Many patients are referred to him from other orthopaedic specialists.

Matthew Burwell
Consultant Orthopaedic Surgeon

Dave Hepburn
Specialist Senior Physiotherapist

Dr Graham Robinson
Consultant Radiologist

Hannah Nestor
Specialist Theatre Nurse

Laura Davies
Medical Secretary