Linda Blair

If surgeons could be awarded Michelin stars for surgery, Matthew Burwell should be given three! He is so experienced, so kind, so thorough, and so utterly competent—I felt at ease from the moment I met him.

He treated me with respect at all times, and made sure I understand everything that would happen. Now, three months later, not only am I totally free from pain, but I also have great movement in my hip and more energy than I’ve had in years.

I would also like to recommend the team at Circle, the nurses, physiotherapists, cleaning staff, chefs, anaesthetists, duty doctors.

Every detail is considered during your stay. Your comfort is ensured, and you feel you’re given the means to recover literally hour by hour. Most important to me is the ease of access when you need help. Not only during my hospital stay but also after the operation—once I was home–any time I was worried or wished to ask a question, I was able to speak to someone who could help. This demonstrates the most amazing teamwork, and it must be why the recovery rates are so good for patients who have their hip replacement at Circle.